mix house
time: 2h
dl: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WUGC39N1

01-Janet Rushmore -- All About Me (Eddie’s Mentalinstrum Vocal Mix)
Mr Patron -- Woo
Bibi Feat Malou Beauvoir -- Got to Believe (Original Mix)
Mr.V -- I Can Sing
Distant People Ft. Chappell -- The Sounds of Love (Original Mix)
Mr.V -- Bring the Beat Back
Doctor Moonrocks -- Gotta Have It (Anthony Nicholson (Disco 3000 Remix))
Erik Bo and Tony Will -- Disco Me Disco Ya
Filin Brake and Andy Bunney -- Missing Me (Original Vocal Mix)
The Realm Feat. Tony Momrelle -- Time (The Realm Vocal Mix)
AK -- Say That You Love Me (François Kevorkian & Eric Kupper Japanese Vocal Mix)
Tommy Largo -- Work Dat (Original Mix)
DJ Dealer -- The Big Sexy (Dream Mix)
Giano -- Soul Dancin’
Glenn Underground -- Shake It
East West Affair -- The World in My Eyes (Tucci in Cielo Vocal Mix)
Johnny Corporate -- Sunday Shoutin (Yoruba mix)
Marlon D -- The Underground Anthem (Main Mix)(Promo_2004)
Soul Minority -- A Soul Thing (Original Mix)
house music will never die (glenn underground’s cei-bei foot mix)